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RAW Photographic Studio is packed with great features and options for photographers. The huge cyc wall (one of Denver’s largest!), the gorgeous lobby and the comfortable sales room are all specifically designed with shooting and selling in mind. But one of the best options that many other studios don’t offer is our natural light. Our private upstairs boudoir room is not only very big, it has 5 large windows, giving it beautiful, diffused natural light all day long.

Natural light means lots of options

Whether you are 100% a natural light shooter or you do a mix of both natural light and studio lighting, the boudoir room at RAW Photographic Studio is perfect for you. And this isn’t just a great boudoir space, our open spaces, new dark flooring, furniture and curtain options make it a versatile space for shoots of all types. Get creative with our studio apartment feel, or move the furniture away and use the empty room. Choose from a variety of linens and curtains to complete your set, all included with your rental. Or utilize one of our large solid-colored walls in white, gray or brown.

Open up the windows and let a lovely Denver breeze come in, adding dimension and movement to your photos through blowing curtains. Ditch the curtains altogether, and use the direct light of the morning to create depth and shadows. Or control the light to maximize highlights and set the mood. From boudoir to families, seniors, kids and newborns, the natural light options at RAW Photographic are endless.

RAW Photographic Studio offers natural light in a variety of sets and areas

And it doesn’t end in the boudoir room! Every area in RAW Photographic Studio is shootable, and you will often find photographers using the natural light in our modern lobby and resource room. With 2 very large east-facing windows, there is always enough light, from sunrise to dusk, to create stunning images throughout the space. Shooting in the lobby is available upon request, even though it can not be rented on its own. This is a great way to add variety to  your sets.

Another option for natural light is in our warehouse. The large bay door can open, letting in more than enough light to fill the warehouse. You can also shoot in the industrial alley behind the studio. This option is particularly lovely during golden hour, the time right before the sun dips behind the mountains, as the alley is on the west-side of the studio and offers access to Colorado’s stunning sunsets. This is available through your rental of the warehouse at no additional charge.

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Check out a few images taken by our resident photographers and visiting photographers in our natural light boudoir room. Image credit:

Don Hales Photography

Jen Swedhin Photography

Tony Rocco Photography

Goldeneye FX Gary Bond

Melissa Wilson, MW Photography LLC


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